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We make sure that your auto glass is safe for you and your passengers, book online now for a free estimate!


ADESA Winnipeg provides fast and convenient service to repair or replace your vehicle’s windshield.

Your windshield is a critical part of your vehicle’s safety and structure. When you’re in need of any repairs, our team of seasoned technicians will make sure that your vehicle is handled with care and promptness to ensure you’re back on the road as soon as possible.

Since we are a Manitoba Public Insurance accredited auto repair shop, we can make things easy for you by processing the insurance claim on your behalf in just one visit or phone call. You’ll just have to have this information ready:

  • Driver’s licence number of the registered vehicle owner
  • Vehicle registration
  • Date/approximate time of day the incident occurred
  • Vehicle’s licence plate number
  • Autopac policy number and the customer number of any other insurances you have

If the vehicle is registered to a company or if the registered vehicle owner doesn’t have a driver’s license, make sure you have the customer number located on the vehicle registration.

We’ll make sure that your auto-glass is safe for you and your passengers.

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*ADESA Auto-Glass offers FREE, same-day vehicle pick up and drop off for full-service glass repair.