Driving Manitoba’s children to equal opportunity

Donate Your Vehicle

Bids 4 Kids is ADESA Winnipeg’s new vehicle donation program in support of Variety Manitoba. Donate your vehicle to auction and help Manitoban children of all abilities reach their full potential

Why donate my used vehicle to Bids4Kids?

ADESA Auctions and Variety Manitoba are local partners, so 100% of funds from Bids4Kids stay right here in Manitoba.
100% of your vehicle’s auction price benefits Variety the Children’s Charity.
Your charitable tax receipt will be for the full amount of your vehicle’s final sale price, not just a percentage of it.

The program that helps kids be kids

How It Works

  • ADESA Winnipeg picks up your vehicle and sells it at a live, competitive auction
  • You receive a charitable tax receipt for the full dollar amount your vehicle auctioned for
  • ADESA gives 100% of your vehicle’s proceeds to Variety the Children’s Charity

Here’s what the value of your car can do.

Variety the Children’s Charity of Manitoba supports children with medical, physical, developmental, cognitive, social and emotional needs.


$500 can help purchase a customized bike for a child with limited mobility.


$1,000 can help provide speech-language therapy for a child.


$2,500 can help purchase an automated heart defibrillator for a child with a heart condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information or to make a donation, please contact:


With the exception of a small stipend paid to Variety International annually, all funds raised by Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba stay in Manitoba. These funds are used to support Variety’s ongoing programs and initiatives including Variety’s Children’s Dental Outreach Program, Variety’s Camp Brereton and Variety’s Special Needs Program which provides life-saving, life-changing and life-enriching equipment and services to children living with special needs.

Once your vehicle is sold at ADESA Auctions and Variety has received proceeds, Variety will issue you a charitable tax receipt for the full sale price of the vehicle. You will receive your receipt in the mail.

ADESA Auctions Winnipeg is an automotive auction that has been partnering with Variety the Children’s Charity for over 30 years. As an industry leader in vehicle remarketing, selling your vehicle to those who will buy it at fair value is what ADESA does best.

ADESA’s buyers consist of many of the largest franchise and independent automotive dealerships in the world. ADESA is able to sell vehicles to registered buyers anywhere across the globe via our online platform.

We designed Variety’s Bids for Kids Charity Auctions program to maximize the funds your vehicle raises at auction. ADESA auctions vehicles in a live, competitive bidding environment, which increases the average return on your donation. This ensures that Variety will receive a fair market value for your vehicle.

The administrative fees that ADESA collects for auction are based on each vehicle’s final sale price. This ensures that Variety receives the maximum dollar amount of each sale.

The Bids for Kids program keeps its operational costs to a minimum, while simultaneously maximizing the return on your donation. Our goal is to be transparent and open with this process so that you know just how your donation helps Manitoba’s children.

Yes! ADESA Auctions can and will sell any motorized vehicle. This includes cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, campers and pretty much anything with a motor. It doesn’t even have to be running! Trailers that can be pulled behind a motorized vehicle will also be accepted.

Submit Your Vehicle

Submit your vehicle over the phone, 204-500-2307, or fill out the form below.