We guarantee an offer within 7 days or less

Get Free Vehicle Appraisal


We guarantee an
offer within 7 days or less

Get Free Vehicle Appraisal

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Choosing to sell your vehicle with ADESA means you get access to more than 50,000 qualified buyers across North America. This means more competitive bids and a faster transaction for you.

Low Selling Fee


We negotiate on your behalf to try and get you an offer that meets or exceeds your asking price. For this, we charge you a small fee that is less than what you’ll gain from our negotiation expertise.

Convenient & Simple


Selling your car with ADESA is easy. Simply fill out our short online form and before you know it, you’ll get an offer for your vehicle in less than 7 days from now — we guarantee it.

Consign Your Vehicle With
ADESA Auctions

Here’s how

Fill out the vehicle application form
We help you set your asking price
We run your car through the auction
Accept the offer and cash your cheque

What’s Included?


  • Three Auction Runs
  • Market Guide Appraisal
  • Hand Delivered Cheque
  • Condition Report
  • Pre Sale Inspection


  • Full Vehicle Detail
  • Vehicle Transportation

And $0 Upfront Fees!

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Start by filling out our vehicle appraisal form so we can help you find the value of your car.

We Are Here To Help

Transporting Your Vehicle To ADESA

ADESA gives you options! To get your vehicle down to our auction, you can either drop it off yourself during our office hours, or for a small fee, we can pick it up for you — even if it’s not in running condition. Watch our video for more details.

Using Our Market Guide

Our market guide collects data on vehicles sold across Canada at ADESA auctions in the last three months. Referring to this helps us to accurately evaluate the worth of your vehicle, so we have a better idea of what to expect at the auction. Click play to find out our evaluation criteria.

What You’ll Need To Bring

There are three things we need from you before we can sell your vehicle at auction. Watch this video to find out if you’re ready to sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not, but we will still run the offer by you. You ultimately have the final say for any offers that are under your minimum sale price. However, if the offer hits or exceeds your minimum sale price, we will accept the offer on your behalf.

The fees depend on how much your vehicle ends up selling for. Here are some examples:

  • Sale price of $5000 = Fee of $445
  • Sale price of $10,000 = Fee of $570
  • Sale price of $15,000 = Fee of $695
  • Sale price of $20,000 = Fee of $745

In the off-chance that your vehicle does not sell after 3 live auctions, we would only charge a fee of $149. This includes the $35 vehicle history report that we would have to perform. We will supply you with a copy of the report.

We’ll need:

  • A transfer of ownership (document varies depending on province)
  • A photocopy of your driver’s license
  • Also note that your vehicle will also need to be free and clear of any liens (any debt owing on the vehicle).

Your vehicle will run in 3 different live auctions. Additionally, it will be posted up on our daily online auction. This way, we know we’ve hit all of our potential buyers.

That’s okay! Around 90 per cent of the vehicles we sell are not safety certified. All we need to do is declare any major problems with the vehicle.

We strongly advise keeping the insurance on your vehicle or at least having storage Insurance to make sure you’re covered for any acts of nature. Better safe than sorry.

You’re in Good Hands.

ADESA’s weekly auctions bring in over 50,000 qualified buyers, both online and live in the lanes. ADESA is the largest competitive auto auction house in North America, and our experience ensures that you and your vehicle are in good hands. There are few sure things in this world, and selling your car with us is one of them.



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