4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Car At Auction

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Often times, people will choose to sell their vehicle through online classifieds. They think that it’s the most easily accessible and that just about anybody can do it, both of which are not necessarily true.

Yes, anybody can TRY to sell their car online, but that doesn’t mean that everybody who tries succeeds. In fact, it can be quite an exhausting experience to even generate interest in your vehicle.

Fortunately, there’s an even better alternative—ADESA Auctions. Here’s why you should start thinking about selling your car through auction.

1. You Won’t Be Wasting Your Time

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Selling your car is hard work. By choosing to sell through online classifieds, you’re choosing to spend your time and money making your car look good, following up with dead-end potential buyers and countering low-ball offers.

At ADESA Auctions, you don’t have to deal with any of that. All you have to do it reach out to us by filling out the form on our website, set your asking price and wait for your offers to roll in. As your vehicle is running through the auctions, we’ll monitor everything for you, so you can spend your time doing the things you care about most. If the offers reach your set price or better, we’ll sell your car on the spot. ADESA Auctions provides you with a way to earn the cash you’re looking for and the time you would otherwise be wasting.

2. We Do All The Work For You

Do you have a full-time job? Kids? Other responsibilities that you can’t just abandon? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you’re probably lumped into a group we like to call “most people.” The level of commitment you have to dedicate to selling your car is exhausting, and nearly impossible when combined with life’s more important obligations. Luckily, ADESA Auctions is here to take this one off your hands.

We want to sell your car at the price you set—that’s our bottom line. Why should you go through the trouble of generating interest in your vehicle when we have people who do it for a living right here at the auction. By letting the professionals take on your burden, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters most to you.

3. Your Car Will Sell Faster

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ADESA Auctions guarantees an offer in seven days or less, and that’s because we have a buyer base of over 50,000 qualified buyers ready to bid on your vehicle at each of our weekly auctions, both online and in-person. If you’d like to learn more, check out our blog on how we’re able to bring in offers so quickly.

If the highest offer meets or exceeds your set price, your vehicle will automatically sell. We’ll present any offers that come in slightly lower than your sell price, but in this case, it’s your decision if you’d like to accept or not. Ultimately, it is possible for your vehicle to sell in less than a week.

4. You’re More Likely To Get What You’re Asking For

When selling through online classifieds, you’re always going to be negotiating down from the price you originally set in your ad. Rarely will you exceed the price you’re originally asking for through classified ads.

With ADESA Auctions, it’s much different. Buyers who are interested in your vehicle will make a bid, and other interested buyers will have to compete by bidding higher than the previous one. This means that the price negotiations for your vehicle is constantly increasing rather than decreasing, which raises the probability of you actually receiving more than the price you’ve set. In some locations, around 30 per cent of people who sell their car through ADESA exceed their asking price. If that doesn’t convince you to sell your car with us, we don’t know what will!