7 Signs It Might Be Time to Sell Your Car

It can be tough to part ways with your ride, but sometimes it’s for the best. Here are seven signs that it’s definitely time to take the leap.

You Just Don’t Drive That Often

Old, unused car.

If your car is simply collecting dust in your driveway or your garage, it’s a telltale sign that you should consider selling it.

Your vehicle is meant to be driven, and if it’s acting as more of a decoration piece than a mode of transportation, why not make a bit of cash off it? You’ll also free up some space for all those activities you’ve been wanting to try for so long.

It’s Costing Too Much

Gas, maintenance, insurance, parking—it all costs money. A lot of money. In fact, in 2017, Global reported that owning a vehicle costs some Canadians between an average of $8,600 and $13,000 per year.

As necessary as your vehicle might be, if you’re on a budget, selling your car might be a wise decision. Not only can you make some quick cash off the sale itself, but you’ll also put yourself in a good position for long-term saving (or, you know, that Harley you’ve been eying…).

You Need The Cash

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you just need a little more cash flow. Depending on what you drive, you can sell your vehicle for enough money to pay the bills and have a bit left over for a celebratory steak dinner.

You’ve Clocked Over 150,000 kms

Wear and tear—it’s a part of life whether you like it or not. You want to get the most out of your vehicle without driving it into the dirt. As a rule of thumb, the average car travels around 20,000 kms per year, so you might want to think about an upgrade at around the 7-8 year mark.

This is the point where you’ll start running into unexpected issues and costs. If you can afford to invest in something brand new and don’t want the inconvenience of impromptu maintenance, think about selling when the meter strikes 150K.

People Stop and Stare

It’s simple—pretty cars typically sell for big bucks. You might own a classic, like the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO (maybe unlikely, considering it sold in auction for a record-breaking $38 million in 2014, but you never know!) or a really awesome modern car, like the Tesla Model S.

Collectors are always on the lookout for something nice, and if you’re not a collector yourself, you can put it in more deserving hands. Hands that are willing to drop some serious cash.

You Just Want A New One


Sometimes you just need a change. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, you just want something new. That’s okay, but why keep your old car around to watch you make nice with another… now that’s just cruel!

You Actually Want to Sell, but You Think It’s Too Much Of A Hassle…

Selling privately can be a pain, but at ADESA Auctions, we do the hard work for you. Have a look at our process to see how it simple it really is.