Why ADESA Guarantees An Offer In 7 Days Or Less

A vehicle is a major investment, and often times, making the decision to buy one can take a while. However, ADESA Auctions makes a concerted effort to be the quickest and easiest method of selling your vehicle. By selling with us, we guarantee you’ll see an offer in seven days or less. And how are we able to do so, you ask? Well, allow us to indulge you.

Our Market Guide Analysis

ADESA Auctions sells over 5 million vehicles annually across each of its locations. You name it, we’ve sold it, meaning we typically have detailed information on which vehicles sell for what price. Our market guide takes vehicle sale information and helps you determine an asking price based on what similar vehicles have sold for in the past 90 days. The numbers are always up-to-date and accurate, meaning you set your asking using actual data.

This helps us sell your car faster because your asking price becomes more realistic and attainable. If you’re selling your car on your own and making uninformed pricing decisions, you may have to lower your asking price to garner any quality interest in your vehicle, and it could take time to realize why your ad isn’t working. At ADESA, we help you find a reasonable price for your vehicle so you don’t have to waste time revising your initial listing.

Our Large, Diverse Buyer Base

ADESA’s weekly auctions attract over 50,000 qualified buyers from across the globe, each with different vehicle needs. With such a large pool of potential buyers looking for different vehicles, we guarantee at least a few of them will like what they see when your car eventually cruises through the lanes. The volume of buyers our auctions attract make it easy for you to find someone who actually wants to purchase your vehicle, which can be a tough task when selling your car on your own.

Our Online Auction

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Every vehicle that runs through our auction is also posted up online for anyone who isn’t present to view and bid. By introducing the online element, you are able to receive offers from people who are not only present at the auction, but also from buyers across the world.

Every vehicle that we take in runs through is shown both online and at the auction, so you’re never missing out on a potential offer.

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